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Enabling high performing InfoSec Teams

Cut through the chaos and empower your Information Security function to deliver security excellence for your organisation.
Thrive, Securely!

Thrive, Securely

Zerodai in an integrated, easy-to-use cloud platform where you can finally get a realistic view of how secure your business is. Become an enabler for secure business agility in your organisation.

Automation & Intelligent Workflows

Automate mundane tasks to focus on delivering value

Empower your team to spend time on skilled work that delivers value.

Intelligent workflows and automated assignments helps your team get work done faster.

Zerodai bakes in the regulatory and self-imposed standards and frameworks to drive better behaviours and guide your team to do the right thing.

Standardise & Centralise

Gain a 360 view of your security posture

Centralize your information security posture, strengthen compliance and minimize risk. Benefit from macro insights to validate the effectiveness and appropriateness of your target operating model.

Manage and track work, third party assurance, risks, threats and vulnerabilities through a single contextual lens. Zerodai is the glue that pulls everything together and helps you to prioritize attention where it’s needed.

Implement quickly and benefit now

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“Zerodai is the glue that pulls all our good work together. Our team is working closer together to deliver the the level of security and resilience that we need.”

Multinational Retailer
“Zerodai go above and beyond what we’ve seen other people do. They’ll take the initiative and come back to me that's a real value add.”

Assurance Manager
Multinational Retailer
Work Together & Remote Teams

Drive smarter teamwork and collaboration

Teammates can easily discuss work, share files and collaborate on projects to deliver quality at speed. Integration with Microsoft Teams allows the team to get work done in a tool they work with daily.

Business users can easily engage with your InfoSec team, promoting the security-aware culture that you strive for. With a simple way to promote and offer InfoSec services with increased transparency, your team can become embedded within the organisation.

Traceability & Searchability

Track and trace everything

Zerodai weaves together the work your team does, cutting down information silos and making it easy to browse, find and traverse information.

See where risks originated from, how they are being addressed and who’s working on them to quickly understand risk.

Implement quickly and benefit now…

Measurable ROI

Supercharge your team efficiency, working smarter to reduce cyber risk. Save time, money and headache.

Rapid launch

Launch Zerodai within 6 weeks and start reaping the benefits. Host in our secure cloud or deploy to your own.

High adoption

Clear and simple implementation plan to drive adoption. Better adoption means better data means better decisions.

Start your journey with Zerodai

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