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Assurance made easy​

Assure your apps, servers and vendors quickly and consistently.  Users can self-assess through concise, relevant questionnaires and receive clear, automated guidance that adheres to your policies and standards. 
Assure more assets with a fast, consistent approach.

How does a 20 minute tour from an expert sound?

Work closer with internal customers

Serve up your products and services in a user friendly shop window. Be more transparent and inclusive to extend security’s reach into your business and become more embedded.  

Take control of risk

Decision makers can better understand the business context for risk and prioritize attention where its needed.  Trace risks back to their origin with a few clicks and quickly transfer to business owners for sign-off. 

Get the big picture​

Get a holistic view of business engagement to understand which portfolios are consuming InfoSec services.  Quickly understand if you are becoming more or less secure over time.  Observe incoming work and team capacity to resource appropriately and ensure timely service.

Integrate with the tools you already use

Bring all your data into a single view to make better decisions, faster.  View your technology assets in context, alongside vendor reports, vulnerability feeds and other InfoSec activity.

See how Zerodai can supercharge your InfoSec function