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     Raise security standards across your apps and technology

 When you bring new technology into your business, or make changes to existing technology, it’s important to ensure security is up to standards.  Easily assess your applications and bring them into line with security policy and frameworks, reducing risk and helping your projects get a secure start.

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Flexible questions & workflows

Build easy to use, targeted questionnaires so that users have to answer the minimum amount of questions. Get the right people in the loop, if they are needed, automatically!

Automated guidance for your team

Zerodai marks answers and generates advisories that incorporate policy statements and framework requirements, helping to direct attention where it’s needed and guide your team to fix things.  

Managing and tracking work in this way helps your team show value and gain recognition for the work that goes in to assuring business projects.

Risks or Exceptions in a few clicks

Identify non-compliances and easily create linked Risks or Exceptions and manage them centrally in the Risk module.

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