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About Us

Who we are

We're passionate about connecting people and processes with smart tech, making InfoSec an enabler for businesses to thrive, securely.

Our Story​

As entrepreneurs having worked with cyber security functions inside global enterprises, we’ve witnessed the struggles teams face at all levels. We’ve seen Analysts lose valuable time on manual processes and complex spreadsheets, CISOs that feel a sense of driving blind and everything in between.

The worst part? People are so used to working in this way, that they've stopped complaining about it. It’s ingrained in their experience and they think it’s normal – Zerodai is here to change that.

The idea? Create a security-focused platform to connect people, processes and existing tools to simplify getting great work done in cyber security. And on top of that, a platform that people love to use.

Zerodai was founded with the core beliefs that the power of people and relationships can cultivate a culture of empowerment. With an empowered team that can collaborate easily and spend more time on skilled work, cyber security becomes an enabler for your business to thrive, securely.

Leadership Team

Alex Malbon

Co-Founder & CEO
I'm passionate about creating better ways of working, to make peoples experience with technology positive and fulfilling.

Zubair Ahmed

Co-Founder & CTO
I love pushing the boundaries with emerging technologies, and helping our clients realise the value of smarter working.