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InfoSec Team – The Forgotten

The realm of cyber crime has exploded in the last decade, and with it a plethora of strategies, methodologies and technology.  But what about the people working in cyber security?  Here’s why I think they’ve been forgotten about, and what … Read More

Zerodai Podcast EP#2 – Cybersecurity, Esports and High Performance

In the second episode in our Zerodai Podcast series, we talk to professional e-sports player Yos Sonneveld.  Yos is captain of the Arsenal Pro Evolution Soccer team.  In this episode, we discuss:  Importance of clear and communicated objectives Why you … Read More

Zerodai Podcast EP#1 – Cybersecurity, Football and High Performance

In the first episode in our Zerodai Podcast series, our co-founder and CEO Alex talks to UEFA-certified football coach Jess Simnett.  Cyber security and football are both team sports and in this episode, we dive into the world of football to … Read More


Why automation could be the key to avoiding human error in InfoSec teams

Human error plays a huge role in data breaches; read on to find out how automation could be the key to minimising this risk. We all make mistakes; afterall, we’re only human. In the ‘normal’ world, mistakes are a brilliant … Read More

Young people twice as likely to fall victim to phishing

Phishing is a huge problem for organisations and consumers alike. For organisations, it can lead to breaches which can have serious financial and reputational damage.  The average financial cost of a data breach through phishing for mid-size companies is £1.3 million.  For … Read More

5 Remote Working challenges for CISOs during a pandemic

As the search for a vaccine to quell COVID-19 nears an end, many corporate execs and their employees are contemplating what the future looks like for their working habits. … Read More

Information Security Basics

Information security is the practice of protecting information and data from potentially destructive attacks. It’s a process you need to prioritise. When it comes to your business security, maintaining a tight grasp on your information is vital. It’s the difference … Read More